BLD23239 Residential Grading and Fill
16531 Mariner Ave NE
Bainbridge Island,  WA  98110
Parcel #: 41310000230007
Status: Permit has been issued to applicant.
Submitted: 5/30/2018
Approved: 6/6/2018
Issued: 6/11/2018
Expired: 12/8/2018
Required: 6
Complete: 0
Total Fees:
Additional fees may be required
Project: Repair/regrade existing driveway damaged by landslide activity. Reinforce slide area with mechanically reinforced earth slope and replant new slope.

Public Notice




Parcel Owner Address
41310000230007 ECKLUND EARL F JR & DENISE J 16531 Mariner Ave NE
Bainbridge Island,  WA 98110

If any submittal item(s) listed below is noted as "required", you will not be able to issue your permit. Please upload the required submittal item before proceeding.
Submittal Required Received Accepted
Engineered drainage plans No n/a
Erosion Control Plans No n/a
Indemnification Agreement No 6/15/2018 6/18/2018
Project Narrative No 5/30/2018 6/5/2018
Owner/Agent Agreement No 5/30/2018 6/5/2018
Environmental (SEPA) Checklist No 5/30/2018 6/6/2018
Geotechnical Report No 5/30/2018 n/a
Project application Yes 5/30/2018 6/5/2018
Site Plan Yes 5/30/2018 6/5/2018

Approval Steps
Step Status Date
Building Review Approved 6/6/2018
Geotechnical Review Approved with Conditions 6/6/2018
Critical Area Review Exemption letter issued 6/6/2018
Drainage Review Approved with Conditions 6/6/2018
Planning Review Approved 6/6/2018

Start Complete Applicant Response
5/30/2018 6/6/2018

Fixture Quantity Per Unit Value
Total: $0.00

Valuation Quantity Rate Value
Total: $0.00

Fee totals below may not reflect all fees, including fees calculated by hourly rates for resubmittals.
Fee Amount
Grading Plan Review fee $69.45
SEPA Review $763.00
Total : $832.45

Type Number Amount Issued Expires Completed

The inspections listed below are standard for all permits of this type. The inspections below may be inaccurate for a specific permit until that permit has been issued.
Completed On
On-site preconstruction meeting (Call Public Works 206-780-3788)
Temporary Silt & Erosion Control (Call Public Works 206-780-3788)
Drainage inspection prior to backfill (Call Public Works 206-780-3788)
Fill & Compaction (Special Inspection by 3rd Party)
Step 3 Geotech received/reviewed (Call Public Works 206-780-3788)
Final Building Inspection

Structure Use Occupancy Type Square Footage

The conditions listed below are standard for all permits of this type. The conditions below may be inaccurate for a specific permit until the permit has been issued.
Any driveway or road approach work proposed adjacent to a public street or right of way requires application for a Right of Way permit with Public Works Department. Please refer to Public Works front counter at Bainbridge Island City Hall, 280 Madison Avenue, Bainbridge Island WA, or Public Works Right of Way Use website:
Approved plans shall not be changed, modified or altered without authorization from the Building Department. Revisions shall be submitted and approved by the Department of Planning and Community Development prior to inspection.
Any equipment and/or appurtenances not shown on this approved site plan (i.e. mechanical equipment, retaining walls, decks, etc.) are not approved. Revisions to plans must be submitted to COBI for approval prior to installation.
Permit Expiration: All permits expire 180 days after permit issuance, or 180 days after the last approved inspection activity is performed. The Building Official may extend the time for action for a period not exceeding 180 days, upon the receipt of a written extension request indicating that circumstances beyond the control of the permit holder have prevented action from being taken. Extension requests must be received prior to permit expiration, or additional fees will be due to reactivate the permit.
Any site retaining walls in excess of 4 feet in height will require a separate building permit under the City of Bainbridge Island Municipal Code Section 15.08.
Noise Regulations (Chapter 16.16). Construction activities (site preparation, assembly, construction, erection, demolition, substantial repair, alteration or similar action on a property, buildings, structures or activities) within residential zones or within 100 feet of residential zones shall (A) be prohibited between the hours of 7:00pm and 7:00am on weekdays that do not constitute legal holidays; (B) be prohibited before 9:00am and after 6:00pm on Saturdays that do not constitute legal holidays; (C) be prohibited on Sundays and all legal holidays except that work on the inside of an enclosed structure may occur between the hours of 10:00am and 4:00pm.
State Legal Holidays for 2017: January 2, January 16, February 20, May 29, July 4, September 4, November 10, November 24, November 25, December December 25.
A Step 3 form or Geotechnical engineer final acceptance is required to be submitted to PCD prior to calling for final inspection.
The work shall commence under the observation or direction of the geotechnical engineer. P. Corelis
Erosion control (temporary and permanent) shall be specified in the field at the direction of the engineer. P. Corelis
A signed field report verifying the MRE wall, and drainage, and erosion control were installed per the engineer’s recommendations shall be submitted with a Step 3 Form. P.Corelis
Prior to final inspection / use of the driveway, the applicant shall provide as-built drainage and erosion control plan. P.Corelis
Any proposed retaining walls, construction, or other structures shall follow the recommendations and requirements of any Geotechnical Reports.

Required Permits
Type Requirement For Number Status

Notice Mailing Memo. Legal Notice. Mailing List. Notice Invoice. 6/8/2018
Certificate of Posting 6/29/2018